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Smashbox Virtual Studio

Virtually try on all Smashbox products from lipsticks to foundations and shop directly from the site in their standalone experience and single product pages. 

With a decrease in-store shopping across the globe and an increase in Augmented Reality in the beauty industry Smashbox and Clinique have adopted the technology for their online and in-store shoppers. The latest trend allows consumers, who are unable to visit a counter and try on product in real life, to see the products applied to their ‘live’ video. Consumers can play with makeup, try on branded looks, and have a seamless shopping experience.


Smashbox looked to increase time spent online and total shopping bag size. I collaborated with the Brand creative director, external agency, Brand executives, site engineers, and external vendor to create a makeup try on tools to engage and achieve the respective goals.


When you start with user interviews you can understand and illustrate their user journeys to identify their pain points. I spoke with consumers (the end user), makeup artists, and Brand education to get a full overview. Following the user interviews, was a competitive analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our competitors and to make knowledgeable design decisions. Based on the research and personas I designed concept sketches and hi-fi wires, using Sketch, that were presented to all stakeholders. Throughout the process, I conducted user testing and updated schematics to reflect findings. Once the wires were completed, I create detailed annotations for engineers, external vendors, and design agency to communicate functionality, logic, and flow. I worked closely with the external design agency and participated in dev QA.

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