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MAC Appointment Booking

MAC consumers can book their makeup services directly from their desktop or mobile with their favorite artist.
mac apt booking
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MAC is the world’s leading professional makeup authority because of their unrivaled expertise in makeup artistry. MAC stores offer a wide range of services – from applications and lessons in all of their freestanding stores. Previously, user’s had to call or stumble into a MAC store to receive a makeup service. The new appointment booking tool allows MAC fans to book makeup applications and lessons ahead of time for their special event, holiday, or to brush up on their makeup application skills with their favorite MAC makeup artists.  


MAC consumers are constantly looking for the hottest new makeup trends and products. They follow makeup bloggers and artists on social media to stay up to date. When they need to a new look they often visit their favorite MAC store for a makeup lesson or application. In order to reserve a time with their favorite makeup artist, they would have to call the store and both parties would have their own calendar to set as a reminder. The stores are overwhelmed by the amount of appointments book that makes it difficult to keep track of clients and manage artists' time. The clients were also missing their appointments and weren’t receiving follow ups following their session. We set out to create an appointment booking both client and store facing to book, track, and follow up. 


MAC Makeup Artists and clients were identified as the two users for this tool. The artists & their managers needed a way to keep track of the clients as to not over book, encourage clienteling, and a seamless way to follow up after the session. Clients preferred to book their appointments online, receive reminders before their session, and following their lesson to receive a shopping list of the products used. I collaborated with Brand stakeholders, makeup designers, and external developers to develop the user journeys and hi-fi wires. Once the wires were finalized I worked closely with the MAC creative team to implement their design style and to ensure the UX was not altered through the process. I worked closely with engineers and QA team during the development process.  

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