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ATS Dashboard

Updating the applicant tracking system (ATS) with streamlined features and a fresh new look

ATS Dashboard

Recruiters rely on their applicant tracking system (ATS) for keeping their day to day organized. One of the main features in their ATS is managing all Candidates in the hiring funnel for all of their open positions. Additionally, Hired is one of the many sourcing tools they used in their tool belt that makes it all the more imperative to be organized and timely. 

Enter Hired ATS system...

Once the company integrates their ATS with Hired they create a sync from Hired > ATS. When candidates respond to their interview request, that candidates profile gets added to the proper hiring stage with their profile information. Clients may also enable a feature that shows candidates that are in their ATS making it easier to know if a candidate is/was already in a process at their company. 

We found that as we added more ability to configure the ATS integration it was clear that the system needed to adjust in order to accommodate all these new features. 


The engineers identified that the platform backend for the ATS integration needed to rebuild and updated to new technologies. This provided me that opportunity to not only improve the UX and architecture of the dashboard but also an opportunity to add to the Hired Design System. 

This project included a full audit of all the states and features as well as a UI audit to know what needed to be added to the design system. 

ATS Dashboard
ATS Dashboard [Q4 2022] (dragged) 4.jpg
ATS Dashboard [Q4 2022] (dragged) 5.jpg
ATS Dashboard [Q4 2022] (dragged) 3.jpg
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