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Decreasing Declines

Provide candidates a way to express their current job search status so employers are only reaching out to available candidates. 


We promise employers that they’ll be able to come to Vettery to quickly fill their funnel with high-quality high-intent job seekers. In order to deliver on this promise, it’s crucial that we prioritize maximizing their ability to successfully transact in our marketplace. A key indicator of our employer’s ability to transact is the IVR acceptance rate. It is not good enough for us to have an abundance of job-seekers. We must have high-intent job-seekers who we can reasonably expect to take interest in and engage with our employers.  


We’ve seen a decline in the IVR acceptance rate since September of 2019. Previously, the IVR acceptance rate hovered around ~50%. Recently it’s been hovering closer to ~40%. The gist: Marketplace liquidity has taken a hit in recent months. In Q1, the search status of 'No Longer Looking' accounted for 27.79% of all declines. The gist: Low intent job seekers are reducing marketplace liquidity. 

The primary goal of this project was to introduce a mechanism that we can use to address low liquidity that results from having low-intent job-seekers on the marketplace. Such a mechanism will ensure that each IVR sent by an employer has the highest probability of resulting in a placement.


Not every project requires upfront user research to understand the problem. For this project I worked closely with the PM and EM to brainstorm some possible solutions. We wanted to simply iterate on the existing experience when a candidate chooses to decline an Interview Request. In the original experience, when a candidate selected 'No Longer Looking' in this flow, there was no follow up for them to hide their profile from employers. Additionally, in the 'settings' panel users are able to update their job search status to 'No longer looking' but it did not hide their profile from employers. 

We came up with a few solution options:

  1. Option 1: Auto-deactivate

  2. Option 2: Update IVR copy

  3. Option 4: Email follow ups

  4. Option 5: Do it for charity

After discussing with stakeholders, we felt that option 2 "Update IVR copy" would be the best experience for candidates. Once we decided on the solution I started designing using Sketch. Leveraging existing components and UI patterns to keep the scope down for this small but impactful project. I created a clickable prototype in InVision and handed off designs to the engineers. We had some close collaboration to iron out some details and I completed end-to-end UI/UX testing before we released to all users. 

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