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Clinique Virtual Makeup Expert

Explore & virtually try on Clinique trending looks and makeup in-store.

Clinique, typically known for skincare products, also has a large and growing portfolio of makeup products. The Brand was challenged to inform and educate in-store shoppers on lipstick, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, and brow products at counters.


When visiting a department store, consumers are overwhelmed by the number of beauty counters and products to choose from. The process of finding the right product could be daunting. The app allows users to virtually try on their go-to shades, trending looks, and discover new shades outside of their comfort zone. They can easily share their custom looks and bookmarks products as well.


The research started with interviewing Clinique consultants and consumers to understand their challenges and pain points. I observed an in-store consultation between a Clinique consultant and her client to see first hand the steps she takes and the questions she asks to make a product recommendations. Additionally, I spoke with product development and education teams. I uncovered that the majority of women have been using Clinique skincare products for years however only a few of them use or know about the makeup line.


The process continues to design an experience for consumers to use with and without a consultant. I create several concept sketches and presented to key stakeholders for approval on the direction we would like to take. I proceeded with hi-fi wires and a clickable prototype that went through several rounds of user testing and iteration. Once the final design was approved, I worked with the external design agency to apply the Brand style guide and assisted to create detailed annotations which were circulated with the vendor, engineers, and other stakeholders. 

We are currently in QA with this product and the launch date for the pilot is TBD. 

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