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Bobbi Brown Face Chart App

Providing Bobbi Brown Makeup Artists a tool to create custom digital face charts for their clients. 
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Everyday, 5,200 Makeup Artists at 85 locations around the world create makeup custom makeup looks and educate their clients on achieving their looks at home. Artists create customized paper face charts with the steps and products necessary to complete the look. We noticed that Makeup Artists were spending less time with their clients and more time filling out these face charts.


The Bobbi Brown Face Chart iPad app is a pilot at five Bobbi Brown locations in the UK, which provides artists more time to spend with their clients, building relationships, and providing a high touch experience. The app enables Makeup Artists to create digital face charts, keep track of their clients so they can follow up in a timely manner, maintain client information, and email digital face charts. This also gives clients an omni-experience to maximize the use of their custom face charts by integrating with their Bobbi Brown online account.

In-Store Research. Left: Complimentary Makeup Lessons. Center: Completed Paper Face Chart. Right: Paper Clienteling Form 


My process began with conducting field research to understand and illustrate the full in-store consumer journey. I spoke with several Makeup Artists, store managers, and attended an artist training workshop to understand their pain points and enjoyable aspects when it comes to creating paper face charts. We followed up with key stakeholders for a brainstorm workshop to fully align on the proposed user journey and to ensure artists have an easy transition from paper to digital.


I designed hi-fi wires and built a clickable prototype using Axure. To ensure an easy transition, it was imperative to receive feedback on the app usability from the end-user, the Makeup Artists. After we finalized the wireframes, I created annotations to communicate product features and functionality with stakeholders, technical team members and present to senior leadership. During development I was involved in QA to provide feedback on app usability.

Once the app was launched in  select pilot stores with high traffic, we got positive feedback from artists and their clients. Artists enjoyed the seamless integration into their already busy schedule where they spend less time filling out the chart and more time with clients. The clients enjoyed the digital experience, ability to keep track of the product recommendations, how-to videos, and the option to save their custom look to their online Bobbi Brown account. Additionally, pilot locations saw an increase in sales by 50% compared to the antiquated paper face charts. 

User Journeys

App Wires and Detailed Annotations

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