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My Aveda Loyalty App

Now Aveda Pure Privilege loyalty members can track their points, redeem exclusive rewards, and connect to their online account in the native iOS app.

Aveda has a long standing paid loyalty program, called Pure Privilege, that has over 1 million active users. Loyalty members can earn points with online, in-store, and salon purchases redeemable for exclusive products and services. The app provides consumers an easy way to create a connected account, track her points and tier status, as well as the ability to redeem exclusive rewards right in the app. 


The long standing loyalty program provided many challenges. The loyalty program and Aveda e-comm site do not have connected systems therefore users are unable to see an Aveda account overview with past purchases and loyalty status. The most common users are Pure Privilege members who don't have an associated account. The app encourages offline loyalty members, who signed up in stores/salons, to link their loyalty membership with their existing account or create an online account. App users can stay up to date on their member status, scan the barcode to earn points, explore and seamlessly redeem rewards natively.

Aveda Pure Privilege app architecture, data, and user flows.


The first step was to research and map out the various personas, the most common noted above, using account and member data, interviewing users, speaking with consumer engagement, engineers, and other stakeholders. After the analysis, we identified and mapped out four user types with various goals, user journeys, and flows. The various scenarios provided enough information to design wireframes and prototype with InVision in order to test and reiterate.

Once the wireframes were signed off by all stakeholders I began to implement the Brand style guide and create detail annotations. Through the process of UI design we identified missing features or features that needed adjustment based on user feedback. During development I worked directly with front-end designers and engineers to provide user feedback. We concluded the development process by conducting rigorous user testing with real loyalty members from the four identified user types. The app is currently in Beta available for download on the App Store. 

Wireframes created with Sketch, prototyped with InVision, and tested with

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